Adding contacts with their ID on diaspora*, Friendica, and Hubzilla

After I wrote my overview of decentralized social networking yesterday, I realized that there is one vital thing that needs to be added. If one of your friends invited you to try decentralized social networking, and your only experience is with the commercial ones where you can just “search” for the people you know by their names or e-mail addresses, then it may not be quite as obvious to you how to get in touch with your friends on the new service you just signed up for.

Quick jump:

As I stated in my article which I linked in the beginning, my user experience is with diaspora*, Friendica, and Hubzilla, so I’ll show you how to do this on those three.

All three of those services have the schema of user ID in common, and it looks like an e-mail address: user@domain.tld. For example, you can find me on diaspora* as It’s not an e-mail address, though (which is why writing it in clear text in this post is not an issue, all spambot e-mail will go into a black hole 😉 .)

So, with that information, let’s get you started 🙂

Note: You can click any image for a larger view.


diaspora* has the search box on every page. It’s on the top right, and this is where you put in the ID your friend gave you:

Since this is diaspora*, I put my Friendica ID in. Clicking on the result will take you to this page:

Just hit “Add contact”, pick an aspect, and you’re done. The contact will be notified that you started sharing with them. If you see the green check mark next to the ID, as in this case, it means they’re already sharing with you.


Friendica has support for different themes, so depending on which theme the site admin set as default, things might look a little different for you, but the icons should be the same.

First, find the “contacts” icon. In this picture, it’s the 6th from the left:

This will take you a list of your contacts (obviously), and it’s also, where you can add new ones. It’s pretty straight forward, just put the ID where it says “add new contact”. Hitting “Connect” will take you to this screen:

This was a search for my Hubzilla account. If you add somebody who is also on Friendica, there will be two additional options – you can add a personal note, and you can state if the person you’re connecting with knows you (in person):

Hit “Submit request”, and that’s it.


Hubzilla is similar to Friendica. Click the “Hamburger menu” on the top right and select “Connections”:

On Hubzilla, there are two fields where you can put the ID in:

If you put it in the first one, the connection request will be sent immediately, no “are you sure” dialog popping up 😉

If you put it in the second one, the next page depends on whether the contact you’re adding is on Hubzilla or not. If yes, you will get the matching directory result:

From there, you can either click connect or click on their name to see their profile.

If the other account is not on Hubzilla, you will get a simple “connect” page:

There’s a link to the profile, though, from where you can see all info and posts this person has made public.


That’s enough for a start, I think. There’s for sure more that could be said, especially when it comes to privacy controls on Friendica and Hubzilla, but just this post is just meant to get you started.

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