Out of commission

I had such great plans for the time after Christmas when things at work usually calm down a bit and I come home somewhat less stressed. Then this happened. Last time I went for a morning run, which was about two weeks ago, I was distracted and wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and promptly tripped over some minor obstacle. I broke my little finger. Did it pretty well, too – I needed surgery, which I got last week on Wednesday (the 19th, for those of you who start their weeks on Sundays 😉.)

Luckily, it’s my left hand. While any serious computer work (like that tutorial I was planning to write on how to set up your own Friendica instance on a Raspberry Pi) is out of the question at the moment since that would require use of an actual keyboard, I found that I can write from my tablet quite well. I re-installed SwiftKey, which I had dumped a while back due to data concerns, but I’m denying it internet access through the use of NetGuard, which is a no-root Android firewall. (I did use the default ASUS keyboard initially, which does have a fairly decent swiping functionality, but SwiftKey has better configuration options and better multi-language support.)

I can also still draw, which is something I had just started to get back into. Overall, though, I feel pretty impeded, and I’m also starting to develop a serious case of cabin fever.

Not a great way to end the year (and start the new one.)

On The Book Challenge Currently Making The Rounds

These days, on social media (the federated kind at least, I don’t know about the more mainstream ones), there are two “challenges” making the rounds. Post a still frame from a movie or a single page of a book that had an “impact” on you. Twenty in total.

First came the movie challenge, and I thought, no way I’ll find twenty movies that had an “impact” on me. I thought, well, if they made it about books…

Somebody clearly had the same thought, since it didn’t take very long until the book challenge started.

I kept thinking about which books I would choose, but I finally decided against taking part and instead wrote this post. (I could have written it on my Hubzilla account, but I thought, well, this is a good opportunity to finally get this blog going.)
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Hello world!

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